On Monday Marc Jacobs rolled out the shockingly 70s-green carpet at his Spring 2007 runway show for New York Fashion Week. The colorful rugs were a great backdrop for the neutral-heavy and gold-tinged line, giving the show a sort of Epcot Center vibe, while the clothes veered between trendy and totally theoretical. There were plenty of notable looks, including cool color combinations like pale yellow and dark gray, surprisingly attractive handbags, and unstructured multi-tiered dresses, as well as big bold prints combined in unfortunate ways.

An army of celebs, including Mischa Barton, Aston and Demi, Victoria Beckham, Sofia Coppola, and Jared Leto, lined up to see the parade of supermodels, including one who took off her sandals mid-walk and carried them in her hands down the runway. To see the photos from the show,