You don't come across a lot of California girls in the New York-centric world of high fashion, but Pasadena natives Kate and Laura Mulleavy, of the up-and-coming label Rodarte, seem to be doing just fine. Yesterday at New York Fashion Week, Rodarte—a moniker that, like Proenza Schouler, comes from the designers' mother's maiden name—showed off a Spring 2007 line that is one of the most groundbreaking collections I've seen at the event thusfar. Sure, the dresses aren't terribly suitable for everyday wear, but they did provide a Fashion Week fix for over-the-top style.

The couture-esque collection is all about volume and drama, eschewing prints in favor of three-dimensional details like big bows, flowers, and intricate appliques. Constructed from poufy layers of chiffon and silk in predominately black and white, the clothes are feminine without being the least bit prissy. Rodarte also marked the reappearance of two trends—highly precise eyelinger and large canvases of hot pink—that we saw at Carolina Herrera. To see the highlights from the Rodarte line,