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Spring Fashion
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Spring Fashion
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Welcome to a new Fab feature I'm sure will both inspire and educate! After seeing some glimpses of what's to come for Fall, I think you're all ready to play Name-That-Designer! All these looks are from the Fall RTW shows and the answers will be revealed this Saturday.

I was thinking based on how you're all doing this week (brilliantly) I'd up the ante and make it a bit more difficult! Here goes...


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Fashion_Victim Fashion_Victim 9 years
I don't know why,but I think,that it's Burberry Prosum.
makicabrera10 makicabrera10 9 years
That's Fendi, cuz I have never heard of MaxMara and that doesn't look very Burberry P to me.
fablavishlife fablavishlife 9 years
rubiesymusica rubiesymusica 9 years
i say BP.
dizzlemcd dizzlemcd 9 years
Burberry Prorsum
uacosj uacosj 9 years
im guessing burberry
siúcra-gaelach siúcra-gaelach 9 years
fendi is my guess because of the buckle - if i get i right do i win the bag?? haha.
gruaig_rua gruaig_rua 9 years
I was gona say Fendi but I've voted MaxMara
briggs313 briggs313 9 years
totally Fendi.
innaluvsZanessa innaluvsZanessa 9 years
burberry is tottaly fabi so ill have to go with that!
prettycitylights prettycitylights 9 years
it's for sure burberry prorsum. i've gotten every one of these right. my monthly very expensive helping of vogue, bazaar, etc. have taught me so much though...
sumnboutme sumnboutme 9 years
I'm not a big fan of Burberry but I actually think this bag looks semi-ok.
leeluvfashion leeluvfashion 9 years
sweetheart_450 sweetheart_450 9 years
pinkflats pinkflats 9 years
okay i voted for Fendi and here is my reasoning. I'm not sure if MaxMara even does handbags and Burberry Prorsum I feel are more equestrian/utilitarian-like with their handbag designs or at least with what I have seen from the design label. As for Fendi I was first thrown off because Fendi likes to have their label plastered on the outside you know the letter "F" and I don't see it here, but then the loop handle of the bag as well as the shiny design just reminded me of many Fendi handbags. And then there was the wardrobe worn by the model. THIS SCREAMS FENDI to me. Burberry has a very all-American/English schoolboy/girl look with their clothing designs and Max Mara has a feminine, flowy designs. and Fendi does more flashy designs to go with the handbags. Okay I do hope I get this one right.
fashionstar fashionstar 9 years
I went with Fendi, but i'm not too sure
Julie2812 Julie2812 9 years
Burberry Prorsum..I'm quite sure..! about 70%!
nyc_gal nyc_gal 9 years
glam-sugar glam-sugar 9 years
Burberry Prorsum is my best guess
Jennifer_2sugar Jennifer_2sugar 9 years
The 3rd one? :?
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