Neiman's Cheap(er) Christmas Book

Neiman Marcus is scaling down the crazy price points in its famous Christmas Book in lieu of the dismal economy, but don't expect to find bargain basement deals. Instead, the luxury retailer has priced 40 percent of the 400 items featured at under $250. The selection of fantasy gifts are also said to to a lot cheaper than last year's selection.

“Our belief is that even in financially challenging times there is a place for fantasy, especially during the holiday season,” said Gerald Barnes, of NM Direct. And that they did offering up a Cupcake Car ($25,000), Mission One Electric Motorcycle ($73,00), and dinner for two with eight prominent authors, including Malcolm Gladwell, Henry Louis Gates Jr. and George Stephanopoulos ($200,000). Pretty cool, but I would be happy enough receiving an amazing pair of shoes or bag . . .

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