We are all in this weird in-between stage of the shopping season. The credit cards are maxed out from holiday shopping. The sales are picked over. And I'm showing you all the tempting Spring Peeks getting you ready for Spring shopping. What is a shopaholic to do?

If you're like me and also enjoy the exercise (yes, exercise - that was Carrie Bradshaw's cardio mind you) of shopping and walking around, why not share your window shopping experiences on FabSugar? It's good to take the time to enjoy other aspects of shopping; visual merchandising is a whole industry in itself.

It was a beautiful sunny weekend in my neck of the woods so I snapped a few cool storefronts. Check them out in my Window Shopping group. My favorite was the MAC store; they had a pretty ballet-inspired window display. And get this: I resisted going in! This may be your shopping salvation; clicking a photo instead of charging a card.

To join this group click here and to learn to post content to this group post a blog in here. Don't forget to name the store and where it is located. Happy window shopping!