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New Lucky Editor Brandon Holley Keeps a "Healthy Sidelong Glance at the Fashion Industry," But Expects to Use "Prettier" Models

New Lucky Editor Brandon Holley Keeps a "Healthy Sidelong Glance at the Fashion Industry," But Expects to Use "Prettier" Models

>> Lucky may have a new editor sweeping in with big changes afoot, but don't expect lots of glossy fashion editorials all of a sudden: the aforementioned new editor, Brandon Holley, plans to keep her distance from runway fashion. “I’ve developed a healthy sidelong glance at the fashion industry,” she told the New York Times. “I love fashion and I love clothes and I love the way people dress, but I don’t cry at a Marc Jacobs show.” The view is one thing she has in common with former (and founding) Lucky editor Kim France, who she succeeded in September. “[Kim] isn’t and wasn’t a fashion person, and really, neither are the readers of most fashion magazines,” noted Jean Godfrey-June, Lucky’s beauty director since day one.

But that isn't to say that Holley won't be going after that luxury advertising; she foresees the magazine branching out from midrange fashion items: “I think we should show the full scope of what’s out there and allow the reader to decide whether she buys a $4,000 Prada bag.” She later corrected her statement, saying she couldn't imagine actually putting a $4,000 bag in Lucky. “Maybe $2,000.” And the style will be different: “My style is very casual, put-together. I’m not really a boho kind of looking gal, so we’ll move away from that."

Plus, the Times reports:

"There will be 'more words,' as Ms. Holley put it, as well as more color and 'prettier,' more mainstream models. And she is focusing hard on the web site. Ms. Holley wants to transform into a 'social shopping experience,' akin to eBay and, where readers can create their own digital boutiques, perhaps giving a page in the print edition every month to the woman whose boutique sells the most."

"She is also announcing the Lucky Style Collective, a blog network that will share content and ads with the magazine, and occasionally appear in the print edition. The first Lucky Fashion and Beauty Blog Conference, which Ms. Holley hopes will be a semiannual summit for bloggers looking to learn from Lucky, will occur in New York next month."

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