You didn't think that there were only three new mascaras on the market, did you? With so many to choose from, I could go on forever. Since everyone liked yesterday's New Mascara Mania, Part I post so much, here's a look at a few more amazing new mascaras I love. Also, stay tuned tomorrow for Mascara Mania, Part III, when, in response to overwhelming demand, I'll be featuring the best drugstore brands.

Blinc Kiss Me Mascara creates little tubes around your eyelashes, so that when you wash it off, it comes off in pieces which is kind of cool. Unlike many other brands, which used an oil-based paint, this mascara won't smudge, run, or flake, so by 5 p.m. your lashes look as fresh as they did in the morning. Buy it in five shades here for $24.

Guerlain Maxi Lash Extreme Volume Mascara is the new talk of the town. It also happens to be the top pick of Sephora's color buyer, Kimberly Chinn, and I can understand why. It acts as a jack of all trades mascara to add volume and lengthen by lifting and coating each lash. Especially impressive is the curling action, which kept me from needing to curl my eyelashes separately. Buy it in four shades here for $26.

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Dr. Hauschka Skin Care Mascara is a natural product designed for women with sensitive eyes. It's derived from botanical extracts and has a pleasantly surprising rose scent. It's gentle and safe for contact wearers and can be removed with even the mildest cleansing milks. Buy it in three shades here for $23.50.