So last week was officially Wedding Weekend Week on the Sugar Network, but we just couldn't wait until honeymoon week to tell you about this: the Trash the Dress Movement. It's a simple answer to that age-old quandary of what to do with your wedding dress once the Big Day has come and gone. It was so expensive that you don't want to shove it in the back of your closet for the rest of eternity, but at the same time, where else are you going to wear it, the grocery store?!

The Trash the Dress movement was started by Las Vegas wedding photographer John Michael Cooper, and involved him convincing women to wear their wedding dresses in water, on horseback, in snow, around a grungy city - all for the sake of a few irreverent wedding photos. In one case, a woman was even photographed standing in her burning wedding dress! Granted, the wedding dress is pretty much ruined after the fact, but I think this is a fantastic idea!

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