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All the Proof That Nicole Richie Is Just as Funny as She Is Stylish

Sep 21 2015 - 4:20pm

It's not exactly news that Nicole Richie [1] has come a long way from her trucker hat-rockin' days on The Simple Life. We've been turning to her for style (and hair [2]) inspiration for a while now. But, we also feel her personality should get some sort of shout out, too. Because while she's come a long way from her road-trip adventures with Paris Hilton [3], age and career success has done nothing to tame this ex-wild-child's tongue:

There's a reason why her show is called Candidly Nicole [4]. We love how unfiltered and off-the-cuff this "entrepreneur, philanthropist, writer, actress, mother, and, most importantly, fashion innovator" (her words, not ours) can be on the VH1 series, so we've rounded up our favorite — and most WTF — lessons we've learned from Nicole here:

— Additional Reporting by Samantha Sutton

Source: Getty [5]

Rules Are Made to Be Broken

Source: VH1 [6]

Don't Be Afraid to Stand Out

Source: VH1 [7]

Know Your Best Angles

Source: VH1 [8]

Quality Eyewear Changes Everything

Source: VH1 [9]


Source: VH1 [10]

Fashion Should Be Fun

Source: VH1 [11]

Hold Onto Closet Staples

Source: VH1 [12]

Celebrate Your Strengths

Source: VH1 [13]

Camouflage Your Weaknesses

Source: VH1 [14]

Beauty Is Pain

Source: VH1 [15]

Know Your Fashion References

Source: VH1 [16]

Surround Yourself With Supportive Friends

Source: VH1 [17]

Act (and Dress) Your Age

Source: VH1 [18]

And, Lastly, Purple Goes With Everything

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