Here's a super fun opportunity for us! By now you've noticed that I kind of jock Nina Garcia. She's just a very cool dudette in my book. Speaking of, I thoroughly enjoyed her — Nina Garcia's Little Black Book of Style. Especially, the fashion in film section.

Nina has agreed to answer all of our burning fashion questions! All you have to do is leave a comment with your question and she'll do her best to answer it. We will reveal the answers next week — Nina is going to cozy up with our questions this weekend. Can you imagine? I envision her curled up on a love seat in a plush robe with a glass of burgundy.

So fire away any questions you may have for the ELLE fashion director and Project Runway judge. Here's mine: what fashion designer do you wish was still alive today?

This is actually part of a blog tour with some blogger buddies of ours. Here's the line up for when and where her questions will be answered:

12/3 — Fashionista
12/4 — Coquette
12/5 — BussBuss
12/6 — FabSugar
12/7 — Fashiontribes