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Nina Garcia Answers Our Fab Questions, Part I

The moment we've all been waiting for! Last week I announced that Nina Garcia, ELLE fashion director and Project Runway judge, is doing a blog tour and going to answer all of our fashion and Project Runway questions. As promised, Nina delivered and here's the first set of Q&As for all of us to soak up. Nina answered most of your questions so I'm going to reveal them over the next few weeks. Enjoy!

What are the rules for mixing prints? And colors? Can you mix different shades of white in an outfit — such as true-white pants with an ivory coat? Or do they all have to be the same shade of white? As I keep seeing folks mixing bright brown colors with black I have to ask, it is now acceptable to mix these colors?

The rules are there are no rules! Mixing prints can be an intimidating and potentially have disastrous results if not done in a subtle way. I recommend looking at the Dries Van Noten Spring '08 show where he paired various prints together with beautiful results. Mixing solid colors is less daunting and I think that mixing various shades of white is a very modern and chic silhouette. Brown and navy are classic colors that work well with black. Although I still find that women are hesitant to put the dark colors together, I think by combining navy or brown with black softens the look and makes it more modern.

To learn more,

Your honest opinion about the skinny-jean trend.

I think that skinny jeans are a great style but do not necessarily work on everyone. Trends are a great way to be inspired but should never dictate one's personal style. The key is to wear clothing that works for you and only you, once you abandon that philosophy then you end up in the category that no one wants to be: under fashion victim.

I want to be in the fashion business, maybe in a magazine or as a stylist. I'm 16. How did you take your first steps? What do you think is important to know for someone who wants to take part in the fashion industry?

Education is the most important tool you need to succeed in fashion or any other industry for that matter. But I think that a background in art history or business will give you valuable skills that will help your success in the industry. Crucial when entering a career in fashion, the best advice I can give is to intern. Yes some of the tasks are monotonous and the reputation of professional Starbucks handler seem insignificant, interning is the chance for you to understand the way a company is structured and the demands you can expect when interviewing on the professional level. Also, interning gives you the chance to network and ask advice of seasoned veterans of the industry, which will only help you in furthering your career.

Have you ever regretted the things you've said as a judge on Project Runway?


What was your worst fashion faux pas (personally)?

My biggest personal fashion faux pas came when I was invited to a party with a vague dress code. More inclined to dress up than dress down to an event, I opted for a frilly dress and high heels only to show up where all of the guests were in jeans and barefoot. Talk about embarrassing!

Stay tuned for Part II and to see more answers from Nina on our blogger friends' sites check out Fashionista, BussBuss, Coquette and Fashiontribes.


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