Alas, all good things come to an end. I just want to extend a big thank you to Nina Garcia for answering all our Fab questions. Hopefully you've found them helpful and insightful. Here's the last batch of answers from the ELLE fashion director and Project Runway judge. Enjoy!

How can I look trendy, but still appropriate for my size?

The best way to look trendy but still appropriate is to play up accessories while keeping your wardrobe classic and what looks good on you. Incorporate a colorful statement necklace, like from Tory Burch or J.Crew, or a cocktail ring or decorative cuff to play with trends. Chandelier earrings and a vibrant scarf are also great accents on any shape or size.

Are there any ways to predict a trends longevity?

Trends are often fleeting no matter how long they remain in fashion. But when there is a design or silhouette that favors a broader scope of women that will help ensure a longer presence in fashion.

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What, in your opinion, is the most fashionable city? Where should I go for the best fashion inspiration and the best shopping?

Personally, I think Paris is the most inspiring city for fashion because it combines a great progressive street culture with a historically preserved backdrop, offering endless options for culture and style. I also could not forget my home, New York.

Often magazines will profile new designers or mention either clothes or accessories that they really like, how does an aspiring designer get mentions magazines?

In a celebrity driven culture, I think an excellent way for a designer to garner exposure that would capture the attention of ELLE would be for them to align themselves with an It girl who can wear their clothes for press junkets, premiers and other events. These girls are tastemakers that our readers are interested in so when we see these young ingénues wearing an underground designer we take notice. I get an extraordinary amount of mail daily; mostly lookbooks from young designers. When going through them, I find that the ones that stand out the most to me are not ones that are overly styled and artistically photographed but clean, straight forward photographs where you can see the product and the design speaks for itself.

I am a short and athletic, 5'3" and a size 4 to be exact. Is there a way I could create a look that would make me appear taller during the day without wearing high heels?

Try to keep you silhouette very lean and tailored to create the illusion of height without the aid of heels. Also, make sure to stick to one color.

What are your thoughts on celebrity fashion lines?

I think celebrity fashion lines are incredible and have proven themselves to be a legitimate force in the fashion industry. I particularly love Sarah Jessica Parker's Bitten line. SJP is a lover of fashion and saw the need for a great line of classic pieces that were affordable to all.