>> Noah Mills To Play Love Interest in Sex and the City 2 —There was Boyd Holbrook with a bit part in Milk, then Tom Ford cast Jon Kortajarena as Carlos in A Single Man, and now a third major male model is trying his hand at acting.  Noah Mills, who has been the face for everyone from Michael Kors to Dolce & Gabbana to, coincidentally, Tom Ford, plays Nicky, the brother of Charlotte York's wedding planner Anthony. "He's a real New Yorker, a construction worker, blue-collar guy," Mills describes. "My first film experience is this role, so that was a little intimidating; they've worked together for so long." He has at least two scenes — a "speaking scene" and "a potentially more awkward scene," as Mills put it — the latter, a love scene with Kim Cattrall's Samantha. [Life & Style, Swide]