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Olivier Theyskens Is Settled at Theory, But What If Chanel Comes Calling?

>> Before he officially settled at Theory earlier this week, Olivier Theyskens's name was batted around for numerous top design jobs. He'll have complete creative control over both his Theyskens' Theory line and the Theory mainline. The difference — he explains: "In Theyskens’ Theory, there is a large possibility for bringing ideas and new designs, and probably it is more like a laboratory. But in the main Theory collection you are working more on what people wear every day." But what if Chanel comes calling? "This is the question that I hear for 10 years. The important thing that I believe very strongly is that there is a right thing at the right time and the right place. The ‘if’ is not something that I really consider. I am putting myself fully into the development of Theory, and I have always been like that. As a designer, I am known for more of a creativity point of view. But for Theyskens’ Theory, I was so pleased to see the orders that balanced the sharply cut jackets with the T-shirts and the jeans. In addition to creativity, simplicity has always been very important to me and in my work, so I feel the position here is right for what I want to do." [On the Runway]

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