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Online Sale Alert! 10% Off Organics at American Apparel

In honor of Earth Week, American Apparel is offering 10 percent off organic items through May 1. My favorite tee is the Organic Fine Jersey Short Sleeve Tee ($14 originally, $15). This eco-chic tee is super soft and makes for a great layering piece. I know it's not a whopping discount, but you'll be saving the planet!

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Ottosmama Ottosmama 9 years
wow, I didn't know that - thanks for the info, Royal! His behavior seemingly surpasses sexual harasment; can't he be arrested for indecent exposure or something?
RoyalBlueMoss RoyalBlueMoss 9 years
I completely agree piksie007. Their models all look like they lay around all day, eat junk, never wash or exercise. Dov Charney is a super scumbag who is the CEO of AA. It's been told that he sexually harasses his female employees, constantly refers to women as c_nts, walks around his office in his tighty whites, and masturbates in front of people. He's being sued over the harassment thing.
piksie007 piksie007 9 years
Meka_sugar: I doubt you look as bad when you wake up in the morning as some of their models :) no offense to AA, and I know they're supposed to be all indie and nifty with their nonconformist models *eye roll*, but jeez, all of their models make their clothes look awful! some of their stuff is nice, but if i see it in a picture on their model, it just looks horrid, lol. i get the "realistic" thing, but does realistic have to translate into unflattering? (Sorry if this came out harsh- it was meant to be a light-hearted rant)
Merlin713 Merlin713 9 years
Dov Charney... Is it the sexual harassment thing? That's all I know besides that he's kinda creepy...
emalove emalove 9 years
I didn't care much for this store the one time I was in there, but I love the color of this tee. And even better that it's organic!
Ottosmama Ottosmama 9 years
Dov Charney?
JaeB JaeB 9 years
Sweet! I want that very t-shirt. I love that purple.
Meka_suga Meka_suga 9 years
Their models look alot like me when I wake up in the morning.
RoyalBlueMoss RoyalBlueMoss 9 years
Won't buy anything from there after reading about Dov Charney. I just don't like him.
wren1 wren1 9 years
Yay! I loooove their t-shirts.
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