We've closely followed the issue of model diversity for some time now, and judging from New York Fashion Week, designers are showing an effort to include more ethnic models this season. Some credit this change to our new president and to First Lady Michelle Obama's overwhelming popularity. “There’s a residue left over from the excitement of the inauguration. People just want to bring that sort of optimism or element of change on the runways," said Elle’s creative director, Joe Zee.

However, industry experts say although some progress has been made, much more has to be done. “I’ve seen a more consistent use of black models,” said model Veronica Webb. "I still don’t see more of different kinds of faces, but we’re getting there.” Whatever the reason, we're happy to see strides in the right direction and look forward to seeing an even wider variety of beautiful models in the future.

(L-R: Ubah Hassan, Han Jin, Jourdan Dunn)

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