I've haven't purchased a wedding gown (yet), but I can tell from married friends that preserving that gorgeous and way-too-expensive gown is of top priority once all the celebrating is over. So how does one properly store their favorite wedding dress?

  • First things first, never store your dress in a plastic bag for more than a few days. Just like you, your gown needs to breathe.
  • Do not hang your dress like you would any normal garment. Chances are your dress is heavy so hanging it for a long period of time will not only take up room in your closet, it will weaken the seams.
  • Start by laying your dry-cleaned dress flat and covering the whole thing with white tissue paper. I'd wear gloves during this process so as not to get lotions or oil on the dress.
  • Next, fold and store your dress in a sealed cardboard box. Try to get a very large box to avoid folding the dress too many times.
  • Be sure to store away from direct sunlight to prevent your dress from eventually turning yellow. The best spot is on a high shelf in an interior closet.
  • Don't forget to check up on your dress once a year to make sure it's in good condition.

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