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A.P.C. Sells Large Plaid Blanket As Part Of Fall 08 Collection

Retail price: $210, product description: 100% wool. A.P.C. ever the purveyor of random junk sold at sixteen times its 'value' has added another oddity to its list of add-ons. Much like Ernest Sewn, the expert in this game, A.P.C. has decided that those 'down-home' plaid blankets (sold in mom and pop boutiques in London for about 30 quid) is the next item to be peddled at an exorbitant price, simply for its lifestyle appeal. A.P.C. annoys us when they do this for one simple reason, they never take it all the way. You know, it's like, fine, sell us bottles of olive oil and bundles of lavender and vintage sunglasses and wool blankets at a three hunded percent mark up (or more), but don't be shy or half-committed to doing that. If you're going to brand a lifestyle, all we're saying, is give us everything from hand soap to linens--just lay it on thick. A.P.C. just slips in a karaoke cd here, a bottle of olive oil there, and thinks no one will notice. These items have no context because they are nothing without their companions (Just go to the 'objects' section of the site, and you'll find their nine random offerings). And now we've been given some random plaid blanket that just happens to merchandise will all the khaki and navy and olive we're sure the Fall 08 collection includes. We haven't looked yet but it's A.P.C. so, you know.
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