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PPR Changes Name to Kering

PPR Made an Epic Video to Announce Its Name Change

In just a few months' time, the French luxury conglomerate now known as PPR plans to change its name to Kering. The switch is meant to reflect a major shift in the way the business operates, and in how it wants to be perceived.

Since it began selling off its retail assets, like the French department store chain Printemps, in 2006, PPR has drilled its focus down to the luxury and sportswear brands it owns. The most noticeable thing about the new name, which was announced at a press conference on Friday, is that it sounds like the word "caring" — and that's not a coincidence. In a statement, the company said the name is meant to express "our company culture of taking care of our brands, people, stakeholders, and the environment."

It also comes with a logo, a stylized owl with a heart-shaped face, that's meant to telegraph wisdom and nurturing. A new slogan, "Empowering Imagination," helps to extend that sentiment. After all, the company's brands — like Stella McCartney, Saint Laurent, and Alexander McQueen — have grown because of investment, monetary and otherwise, from the executives at PPR.


And in the video, which shows a dramatic visual journey from the designer's studio to the runway and then to the soccer pitch, a strong male echoes the new theme once more. "Imagination needs wings," he says. "Imagination needs caring to become a reality."

Watch ideas take flight in the video above.

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