Given how model Yulia Kharlapanova crumpled to the floor thanks Prada's newest hit shoe it seems little surprise that mussed, fussed, and otherwise wrinkled clothing carried the show. The dueling ideals of fetishistic perfection towering on impossible heels fighting against a frumpy vision of unironed womanhood set the tone of Prada's conflicted vision of sexual womanhood in Spring 2009.

But we weren't sold on this dichomety as an original comment. It has always been the hallmark of Marni to combine these opposed views of womanhood, indeed it is one prime reason Marni is so popular with older and intellectual women, a clientele all too familiar with balancing sexual powers with wilting crumpled realities. While Miuccia Prada told Suzy Menkes that this collection was about a return to the primitive we perhaps wonder if it wasn't so far back but simply return to well worn themes of how to define womanhood.

And in the end Miuccia has many collections to produce each year and this struggle of womanhood can be reinterpreted for seasons to come. The show end with golden wrinkled cocktail frocks did seem "of the moment" as of fashion's best consumers, the finance community, watched the end of their own golden eras. Perhaps it is a good thing Prada's IPO has been delayed.