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Friday Fashion Round-Up

Okay folks, we are officially drenched in sweat and feeling rather inhibited by the large quantities of sparkling things we consumed at dinner last night. But from something sweaty and gross comes something beautiful, right? Right. Just like butterflies...

Last night we attended what was marketed by our marketing friend as a 'business meeting' which, to our surprise, meant twenty-five of our friends, a lot of warm rolls, and about a million bottles of Lambrusco (it still gives you red teeth, but it tastes like champagne!). That said between the reps, buyers, designers, writers, and pr folks, everyone just about chugged their wine and laughed nervously about how, um, tired they were. The moral of the story is that everyone is really overworked and kind of cracking up under the heat and pressure and recession. But there was still a good spirit in the air. It might just be the nature of New York and fashion at large, in the end.

Moving on...

Today we watched this because we were reading our network partner, The Coveted, who posted on Grace Jones and it inspired a You Tube adventure in the lady's honor. It will blow your mind so you might want to watch after you read the whole post (anyway, it's at the bottom). By the way, reading The Coveted is what we do when we're tired from the sparkling things--there's something really comforting about her whole 'brand', you should try it out.

On Monday we're headed to Capsule so please stay tuned for that. Capsule is a trade show that happens in New York and Paris and it's known to bring up some of the best contemporary menswear around. Menswear has had a revival in New York and we're really excited to see what everyone has cooked up for the season. We covered the Fall 08 show, you can read about that here (Sorry the pictures are gone. That is one long story). After the second day of Capsule there's an OAK/Julian Red/Orthodox/DFA party and if you're in town you should come. The party really goes until 4am (but a flyer never says that) and there's some floating commas but we're pretty sure that's because the person who made the flyer was at the dinner last night.

Miami swim week has kicked off so we'll get you some photo galleries this weekend and early in the week. In other good news, Frock opened a store in Park Slope and, wanting to write a post that wasn't too NY-centric, we found this kind of cool site and, most importantly, these pants (top left).

Kathy Horn wrote an interesting piece on the Halston situation today. She stirs up some ideas of why that whole thing just isn't working out. Maybe Georgina Chapman will be the next creative director? Good point.

Oh, by the way. Recession much? Photo editorials like this and this are taking over fashion right now.

Well, happy Friday ladies and gents. We've all kinds of swim and trade show things happening next week. Have yourself a wonderful weekend. Until then...

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