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Patrik Rzepski Meshes

Romanticizing an urban past of dissident teenagers, reclusive geniuses, and musical anarchy is a popular past time for derivative designers. Too often the fruits of their less than creative labour is nothing but a weak diffusion of some by gone era that is in all likelihood not nearly was spellbinding as history as recreated it. Patrik Rzepski is not on of these designers. He is somehow able to draw on the best parts of old East Village culture, youthful frustration, rebellion, and even violence and transform it into a new vision of powerful dressing without ever once dooming himself to pointless historicist rehashing.

While his Fall 2008 collection was somehow rough around the edges, Patrik's Spring 2009 collection hits all the right notes for us. It maturely and coherently presented an edited vision of urban dressing for a kind of warm cosmopolitan spring that says we do not leave for our vacation homes, nay, we live for all times in the life of the city. The rich tough urbanism we saw felt youthful even while many of the pieces were clearly meant for a kind of woman that never ages past her hippest years even as she touches 90.

The palette of blacks, beieges and whites is an ideal subdued color story for city living, particular one that touches on clothing as a valuable totem of mainstream rejection. His use of hinting meshes, suggestive see-through jersies, and other sheers made some of his darker pallete more seasonally appropriate. Buyers too can find much to love in his separates, particularly the jackets thrown daringly over his barely there dresses.

We loved the inclusion of his zippered tights in creams and nudes. There is something so daring about covering up in the warmer months, especially when its tinged with just a hint of naughty sexy zippered rebellion. Please click here to enjoy a slideshow of his collection.

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