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Paul Rowland Speaks about His Move to Ford, How He Plans to Reinvigorate the Agency

>> Paul Rowland, who founded the Women and Supreme modeling agencies, created quite an uproar — and a number of agency switches — when he left both to head up the women's division at Ford in March.

Five months later, he finally speaks publically to T about the switch: “I’ve always had this obsession with Ford, this curiosity. I love the name, I love the brand. I’ve always had this thing in the back of my mind where I thought it would be cool to go and put my own touch on it. I thought it would be cool to do what [Marc Jacobs] did, [reinvigorating Louis Vuitton] but within a modeling agency. That was where I got the idea. I just thought it would be amazing if I could breathe some new life into the image of Ford.”

What type of model is he looking for? »

Among one of his first moves at Ford was to set up a scouting office in North Africa; he says he has no interest in the standard idea of American beauty — something evident in the stable of unique faces he cultivated in his days at Supreme. “My vision is very different from [Ford co-founder] Eileen Ford’s. My ideal legacy at Ford — and hopefully there will be one — would be to open up the idea of beauty not only being classic but being, you know, global. I’m just obsessed with finding these amazing creatures in all these exotic countries. I want to find girls in Egypt or Sri Lanka or India — all the places where people don’t look.”

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