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Peter Dundas on Designing Emilio Pucci, the Possibility of Doing His Own Line

Emilio Pucci's Peter Dundas Addresses the Possibility of His Own Line

>> “It’s hot in here,” Peter Dundas said at the French Vogue party last week. “Let’s have a nude beach party theme next time.” A funny comment, considering that Dundas tells Pharrell Wiliams in Interview's October 2010 issue, "When I started at Ungaro, I was completely petrified . . . I was this Norwegian who people thought looked like a beach bum. I guess I am a beach bum, but they thought I looked a lot more like that than a designer. I was very worried about those kinds of reactions . . . I’m not intellectual at all as a designer. Whatever I’m into at the moment is usually what becomes the collection."

He's happy designing at Pucci, though: "People always ask me, 'Oh, do you ever want to start your own thing?' And I don’t, actually. I think what I enjoy most is the sort of coproduction of things, where you bring something and somebody else brings something and a kind of alchemy happens. For me, coming to a house and bringing my love and respect to it—and, hopefully, earning the love and respect of the house—is the only way to do it. I think of it as my own house in that sense as well. So I like not working from a blank piece of paper. I like that there’s something from the past, some kind of identity that I have to work with. There are these good ghosts around, these good energies that kind of reinforce what you do. It’s like how your parents raise you and give you this base, and you eventually grow up and have to say, 'Well, you gave me this, but now I need to go my own way.' So, more than finding a balance, it’s about taking the good parts of what you’ve been given and bringing your own thing to it in order to take it all somewhere else — and hopefully, forward."

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