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Photo of Rihanna Wearing Orange Bra in NYC

Trend Alert: Vixen Visi-Bras

I've been sporting the vixen visi-bra look for years, and it's reassuring to see Rihanna rocking the style with her bright orange bra. See, there's nothing wrong with exposing a cute bra underneath a top. It adds a flirty dose of color to an outfit and I like the sexy appeal. However, contrast is key to getting this look right. Only play peek-a-boo only when your top is loose, not tight — like Rih. No need to show your bra when it's already all out there, see what I mean? Oh, and most importantly: don't forget to wear a cute bra!

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Image Source: WireImage
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afterLOVE afterLOVE 8 years
I love Rihanna's outfit and I think she did a great job not crossing that line into the realm of skankiness. It's a difficult task though, finding that balance. I would wear her outfit if I weren't so self-conscious about my small chest.
cjstraus cjstraus 8 years
I think it is alright to do the visibra thing when its a black bra under like a white shirt, but only if the bra isn't too lacy and overtly sexy. Remember when SJP did it as Carrie Bradshaw? Sometime the problem with a white shirt is that even a nude bra will show through---I figure if the bra is going to be slightly visible, might as well make it a statement. The look is for sure not office appropriate though!
shulemina shulemina 8 years
I find this "trend" looking really cheap and vulgar...
Veraswami Veraswami 8 years
Easily can look REALLY trashy. This trend is going to be abused so badly. I say underwear should NEVER appear in public, no matter what.
BellaTorro BellaTorro 8 years
I did this trend today who knew it was in lol
mariserin mariserin 8 years
it looks cute if you have a smaller chest.....but if you have boobs at all......immediately looks skanky :(
Sunflower-Sutra Sunflower-Sutra 8 years
I wore this look around the house back when i was nursing but didn't realize it was so trendy! I would never wear this look in public though! It looks sloppy or, dare i say, slutty.
califab califab 8 years
This look says "desperate for attention". However, I do love the bandeau top shown below-- I am obsessed with bandeau tops now as they make all my summer dresses work appropriate (casual office).
miss-elle-cherie miss-elle-cherie 8 years
Not a fan ... I think underwear isn't meant to be shown on purpose . I personally think it looks kinda skanky .
OffBroadwayBout OffBroadwayBout 8 years
No, darlings! It's called UNDERwear for a reason!! Ladies, make a guy *earn* seeing your delicates!
dollhouse1 dollhouse1 8 years
I love it. Riri is killing it. This look is more for the not soo busty definitely try it
ckeller825 ckeller825 8 years
I love this look, but I refuse to rock it because I don't want guys eyes going where they DON'T belong. pass.
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