All day I dream of Preen — you know what I mean? But today, after leaving the Preen Spring show, I couldn't shake the fabric anemones the designers used. Overly used. Overall, the collection was awesome — it was more airy than their body-con collections past. Less tight, more light. The colors were spot on: gray and taupe offset by crisp white, chartreuse, and pink sherbet. Fabrics were knotted and twisted in the utmost Preen way; lace patchwork was a new spin, a black iridescent fabric was sci-fi sassy. But in an attempt to be more textural, the designers doused skirts, dresses, and shoulders in these scrunchy fabric anemones. Sometimes it was cool, sometimes it was unflattering. Admire the fresh Preen shoes for a sec, then pray tell: do you love or hate the fabric anemones?