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Ladyseven Ladyseven 6 years
Ew. I really don't like any of those. Horrible 90's flashbacks.... WHY OH WHY would you bring back the chunky heel and ugliness?
mommahello mommahello 6 years
Rossy, this featured article really got my attention-and your brilliant comment. I am certain that if designers tried to foist this type of fashion on men for yrs., they'd be out of business. Why must women hurt their health for attention? I LOVE shoes, & love getting att'n w/what i wear, but i won't "fall" for these platforms & their heightened counterparts. As for the monster designs lady Gaga wears, if she doesn't ruin her feet, she's bound to scar & scuff her face when she topples over. I enjoyed your story about your trip to Europe. The first time I went overseas, I came home w/over a dozen prs. of new designs. It is my weakness. :-)
rossy rossy 6 years
I remember going to Europe with my parents when I was 14 like 30 years ago (GOD, I hate aging!) - first time I'd EVER been out of the country I've called home my entire life. While in Scotland visiting relatives & being shown the sites of Dundee, my older cousin took me shopping for shoes... Platform ones similar to the bottoms of the lace-in-back boots in main photo. - I never really intended to wear them... just take them home & keep them on my dresser to "show" friends that 'over the pond wasn't primitive' or something like that - I'm pretty sure "wedge"-style shoes were in North America but stilettos were. Anyway, for some unknown reason, I chose pea-green ones & wore them out of the shop, & everyday for the rest of our trip instead of my sneakers. - Ended up with back problems exacerbated by a car accident 9 months later that bothers me to this day. I can only wear certain low-heeled shoes (max. 2 inch high heel) to keep occasional spasms from becoming constant. - Ladies! Be careful NOT to let fashion, latest fads, etc. in footwear ruin your spine. Really, if those so-called shoes Lady Gaga wore... the ones where the heels were so high that she was walking on her toes several hours a day, EVERY day, she'd most likely be in a wheelchair in less then 3 years. Some shoes are to wear, others are decorative art & should definitely come with health warnings!
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