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Instagram Insight: You Know You're a Fashion Blogger If . . .

Nov 12 2014 - 5:00am

Now that you know what constitutes a legitimate fashion girl [1], let's utilize that newly found knowledge to conquer Instagram. These days it seems our feed is filled with more than just #ootd and #shoefies because the social media savvy know there's a much bigger sartorial world out there. From fresh flower-mart finds to marvels of macarons, scan any fashion blogger account and you'll find an assortment (the same assortment) of perfectly captured everyday odds and ends. Could these famous feeds have found the secret recipe to Instagram domination [2]?

We've tapped into our inner Sherlock Holmes and uncovered 14 must-have snaps featured on all the authoritative fashion accounts. Scroll through to see how your feed stacks up against the crème de la crème, then grab your boyfriend/fiance/husband photographer and get ready to hit the popular page — 'cuz it's magic hour.

Source: Instagram [3]

You Tote Your Essentials in the Latest Chanel

Source: Instagram users weworewhat [4], blaireadiebee [5], damselindior [6], chiaraferragni [7]

You're Mad For Macarons

Source: Instagram users songofstyle [8], emilyschuman [9], sincerelyjules [10], garypepper [11]

You Stomp Around Town in Rockstuds

Source: Instagram user seaofshoes, juliahengel [12], sincerlyjules [13], blaireadiebee [14]

Your Lunches Belong in Bon Appétit

Source: Instagram users songofstyle [15], peaceloveshea [16], sincerelyjules [17], rumineely [18]

You Know a Party Isn't a Party Without Jewelry Swag

Source: Instagram users manrepeller [19], blaireadiebee [20], damselindior [21], songofstyle [22]

Your Snack of Choice Is Froyo

Source: Instagram users emilyschuman [23], songofstyle [24], juliahengel [25], chiaraferragni [26]

You Hit the Flower Mart Twice a Week

Source: Instagram users garypepper [27], blaireadiebee [28], juliahengel [29], songofstyle [30]

Your Selfie Cohort Is a Muscle Car

Source: Instagram users weworewhat [31], songdani [32], peaceloveshea [33], chiaraferragni [34]

You Own Your Right to Bare Arms

Source: Instagram users damselindior [35], manrepeller [36], rumineely [37], blaireadiebee [38]

You Read Up on the Latest Styles in Style

Source: Instagram users garypepper [39], damselindior [40], rumineely [41], songofstyle [42]

You're Vacation-Ready All Year Round

Source: Instagram users garypepper [43], sincerelyjules [44], peaceloveshea [45], weworewhat [46]

You Stay Energized With Coffee and Juices

Source: Instagram usersgarypepper [47], rumineely [48], songofstyle [49], camtyox [50]

You've Been Sketched

Source: Instagram users songdani [51], garypepper [52], blaireadiebee [53], weworewhat [54]

You Hang With a Fashionable Crew, Obviously

Source: Instagram users manrepeller [55], songdani [56], damselindior [57], thecourtneykerr [58]

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