The preppy aesthetic may be the most reinterpreted element in menswear as it is forever being repurposesd for designers that want a little polish. John Crocco is a master at just this effort, but instead of giving us tired ironic preppy to appeal to the trendy young folks (and we don't care about the young folks) he gives us "preppy without the privilege." This is menswear for everyman without any of the attitude.

Is it fashion forward scary? Not in the slightest. And we applaud him for this effort as we are fairly sure we know all the men that go in for the natty obesssions and the market isn't that large. We say better to serve the regular men that don't want their look to be stuck in some circa 2001 era of non fashion. Not that there isn't some whackness going on with pink pants, a hooded vest and lots of cutesy shorts but you gotta give the menswear editors something to be excited about even if the buyers probably don't care.

Thus we say, the cuts are fresh without being intimidating, the colors are appealing without being hard to wear. Sky blues and lilac help round out comfortable beiges. All in all its a collection that is serving its consumers. Which to us is the best thing fashion can do. And if you just need a nice sport coat we say you couldn't do much better than this!