I just spent 21 minutes with The Rachel Zoe Project, and you should too. I apologize in advance if you get in trouble at work. So you're not sure if you will tune in. Can designer cameos, celebrity dress up, vintage shopping sprees, water-damaged gowns, and tears change your mind? We get to see some of the glit, the glam, and the grind. We meet Zoe's team, and her hubby, and witness her rollercoaster relations with them. Zoe is definitely fit for TV with her megasized sunglasses, curly blond mane, and Rachel-isms. I doubt "Fashion is my drug and I'm addicted to it" was scripted — that's Zoe for you. I am biased, since I gabbed with her once upon a Diane von Furstenberg dinner time, but give Zoe a chance.

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