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Primetime Emmy Awards: Ana Ortiz

I spotted "Ugly Betty" star Ana Ortiz on the red carpet last night but pictures of her were no where to be found. I'm am so glad they were finally found because Ana looks smokin'. Sequins have been everywhere lately, but she makes them look new again. Her black strapless Escada gown is flattering and flows like liquid on her. I only wish she had worn a pair of dangly earrings. Still, she's got my vote. You?


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lizlee89 lizlee89 9 years
There really should have been more pictures of her because she looks amazing! I don't really know her but I love her face and I love love love this dress. And I disagree with the rest of you on dangly earrings. I think that look is too contrived - remember Natalie Portman at the Golden Globes right after V fro Vendetta? She had her short short and an adorable black tube dress and no - count it, none - jewelry. I loved her courage in not doing the status quo and I think the same for this girl. Also, I don't know if the dress is purple or black, but I love the contrast of the red clutch...
u210581 u210581 9 years
her make-up is jacked. hello? heard of pressed powder?
Chalii911 Chalii911 9 years
Love it! She's looking Hot! :)
purpleisafruit purpleisafruit 9 years
I love it. She looks stunning and sexy at the same time. I actually like the fact she's not wearing dangly earrings.
cfeccentric cfeccentric 9 years
Yum. That dress is like liquid metal. I love it.
Neuroticone Neuroticone 9 years
Beautiful but needs a nice pair of earrings. Also i think they could have do something else with her makeup.
jennaboa jennaboa 9 years
She looks fantastic. That dress is very old Hollywood. Nice.
Michaelrcks Michaelrcks 9 years
miss-britt miss-britt 9 years
this dress is fabulous
gaby224 gaby224 9 years
she looks beautiful
omgosh-dee omgosh-dee 9 years
she looked so hott on that red carpet last night!
mrspiven mrspiven 9 years
i love that dress.
girlfriday girlfriday 9 years
I like the dress and she has a fantastic body, and yet, I don't think she's really working the dress. I don't know how to explain... maybe because she doesn't look comfortable. She looks sort of self-conscious and stiff. Also - ditto on the earrings.
smarter-fashion smarter-fashion 9 years
her bod is hot!
nina_e nina_e 9 years
artfashionmusic7 artfashionmusic7 9 years
yes i love this!! loooks sooo hott! fits perfectly on her!! :D its soo beautiful! :D yea i do agree wit u fabsugar bout the dangling earrings. :)
Rugelach Rugelach 9 years
oh my word. this chick looks gorgeous. i would be afraid to add anything. it is hard to make anything tight and sequined look this classy.
gruaig_rua gruaig_rua 9 years
Sequins give me "Dynasty" flashbacks :(
MaryCatherine730 MaryCatherine730 9 years
her face is SO shinny!
amh678 amh678 9 years
She looks great! I love the dress! But, I agree - where's the dangly earrings?
Lovely_1 Lovely_1 9 years
She definalty needs some earrings with her hair back and a dress that skin-tight. It's ok though, she looks alright...not super drool-worthy, but good enough!
tati33 tati33 9 years
I agree Fab - Ana looks gorgeous..but she should have worn some dangly earrings a la Debra Messing would have been nice..
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