Just when life seemed perfect, eLuxury uped the anti and gave us 15 pieces from Proenza Schouler's pre Fall collection in the middle of June. What's a sample sailing sandal-clad girl supposed to do when these sorts of things happen? Between the Topshop look book and the rich Fall duds from Proenza, we can't help but feel pulled towards Fall clothing. But this isn't supposed to happen until the Spring shows start up in, ahem, September! If you're up for the challenge, and think you can maintain some semblance of The Present while shopping pre-Fall clothing, we've got to hand it to you. These carefully edited pieces will only be available via ecommerce from eLuxury and would, if you swiped the whole thing, make the perfect base for your new Fall wardrobe. For blouses there are two beautifully tailored silk short sleeved numbers and also a pair of wool skinny trousers and leather bomber we'd just about sell our souls for. Okay, maybe not our souls. Maybe just our boyfriends. Ladies, we know it's haute out there but we're kind of feeling like this might be a wise investment.