Warning to all Project Runway fans: If you want to avoid even the smallest season spoiler, stop reading now!!

But if you're intrigued by what the PR designers came up with at New York Fashion Week, keep reading. Those of you who have been following the show probably know that one of the last challenges involves the four finalists (Michael, Uli, Jeffrey, and Laura) showing full collections at Fashion Week in September. Though the first part of the finale doesn't air until tonight, the photos from Fashion Week are online—and quite interesting. To see the lines from the final four designers,

What impressed me most about Uli's collection was its professionalism; it really looked like something you might see on the runways from an established designer.

Laura's, on the other hand, had a very amateur look to it. In this context, I realized just how conservative her designs are.

Though I'm usually rooting for Michael, I have to say his collection didn't impress me nearly as much as I expected it to. Like Uli, he kind of lost me with the animal prints.

I had to say it, but Jeffrey's might have showed the most promise. I liked the dark-green stripe fabrics, though I wish he'd get over the polka-dots.

What do you guys think?