Project Runway fanatics know that last night's challenge — creating clothes out of items from Gristedes Supermarket — was nothing new. Hence the title of the episode, "Let's Start From the Beginning." And start from the beginning they did because they brought on Season 1 contestant, and winner of the original Gristedes challenge, Austin Scarlett, as a guest judge. Not surprisingly, the 16 designers freaked out upon hearing their challenge. I bet you half of them didn't even pay attention to Austin's instructions as they were busy visualizing which aisle they were going to run to. While some of them, including some of my favorites, were a little bit of a let down, others stepped up to the plate and impressed us.

To hear more (spoiler alert!) and to see the clothes created,


I, like the judges, was disappointed that so many designers used tablecloths. The point of the challenge was to think outside the box, but so many stuck to their comfort zone. Those that did bring innovativeness and were greatly praised were Wesley, who incorporated fly swatters, Joe, who used pasta, Daniel, who made a dress strictly out of plastic cups, and Kelli, who won because of her highly-detailed dress made from vacuum bags, coffee filters, and notebook spirals. Although Blayne, the tan-a-holic, made a foolish outfit that reminded Michael Kors of the wrestling challenge, Jerry's raincoat made out of shower curtains was plain scary. The irony is that he claimed he was the most experienced designer. Naturally, he was auf'd. What are your thoughts from last night's episode?

Photos courtesy of Bravo