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Project Runway: It's a Matter of Taste

Project Runway: It's a Matter of Taste

Last week Project Runway took cute to the next level and asked the designers to create an outfit for "fashion's hottest accessory" - the little dog!

Seriously, what's better than that face?

Nina Garcia, Vera Wang and Ivanka Trump were this week's judges, but the scorecard of who won and lost this week only tells half the story. Continuing her love affair with prints, Uli won with this flowing, patterned dress.

Check out the daring mix and match of printed fabrics.

In his subsequent podcast, Tim Gunn even went so far as to compare Uli to Diane von Furstenburg, the "master of the print." Snapz to Uli!

Katherine, leaving her sportswear comfort zone, lost with what I thought was a perfectly respectable, if rather plain, slip dress. Sure, it was boring, but did she deserve to go home?

Especially when you compare it to this mess from Angela?

"My story is about a British headmistress of an art camp in Paris, and the camp is called Jubilee Jumbles..." Huh?

Or the fact that Bradley's design was put together a mere two hours before he sent it down the runway and basically copied Daniel V's orchid dress from Season 2?

Or the fact that Keith not only refused to design an outfit for the dog, but then he LIED to the judges and told them that he actually designed four outfits before he stole an accessory off the wall and clipped it around the dog's neck!

To catch up on more of the dramatic details,

So much drama, so little time.

First, Bradley was nearly sent home on his birthday. He spent the entire first day staring lamely at a pile of shiny gold fabric and went in to Parsons on the day of the show basically ready to forfeit. He finally managed to pull something together, and in a bizarrely ironic twist, the judges couldn't stop raving! Nina in fact loved his design so much she wanted to show it in Elle! Ah, the fashion gods are fickle.

Second, Laura and Keith officially hate each other, big surprise. Laura calls Keith a "major sh*thead" and Keith calls Laura "Bad Mommy." Meow! (Wait, this was a dog challenge... woof?)

I would normally side with Laura on this one, except now I know she hates dogs. Look at this face when she finds out she's designing for a dog!

Apparently she doesn't have the "emotional energy" to invest in caring for "an animal like that." I officially dislike her now.

Laura also asked this week's dumbest question when she queried, "Are horses a fashion accessory?" Um, not since the 16th century?

Third, Vincent can't seem to tear himself away from the funny hats. This time, however, the model wasn't so compliant and kept trying to wipe the silly thing off his head.

So many reasons to love dogs...

For a spoiler about what happens tonight, click here. Warning! Do not click this link if you want to be surprised by tonight's episode!

For a sneak peek into who makes it to the final four, Best Week Ever breaks it down for you here. Warning! Do not click this link if you want to be surprised about the final four designers!

And for all the behind the scenes dirt (after the fact of course!), don't forget to subscribe to Tim Gunn's podcasts at iTunes.

The drama continues tonight at 10pm on Bravo. Carry on!

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