I know how much you girls hate it when I give away the punchline before the break, so here's the split-second wrap-up: some people designed some stuff, someone broke some rules and got kicked off the show, somebody won the challenge and someone else lost.

Heidi, as usual, looked gorgeous.

For all the gory details (and believe me, this week was gory!),


First the challenge. Last week's challenge was to design a three-piece outfit for Macy's INC International Concepts Fall 2006 line. The judges were Mahmet Tangoren, Macy's sportswear VP, Vera Wang and Nina Garcia. (Paging Michael Kors! Mr. Kors, please report to the Project Runway set...)

As you may already know from last week's post, Macy's Hits the Runway, Angela (everyone hiss in unison, please) won the challenge with a military-inspired suit. Vera Wang apparently "loved the pink with the masculine grey suiting."

Is pink and grey really all that inspired? Weren't we all rocking the pink and grey combo in the 80s?

Moving on. Poor Bonnie unfortunately lost the challenge and went home on the strength of this horrible polyester pant outfit.

For a girl who designs professionally for Nike's young, athletic types, this concoction could not scream "old lady" any louder. Sorry, Bonnie!

But honestly, who cares about Bonnie when we can dish about Keith! Keith "Cheater-Cheater-Pumpkin-Eater" Michael was caught with some "absolute no-nos" under his bed (also known as a stack of design how-to books) and some unaccounted for time alone with the internet. (We assume he was looking for design ideas.)

The producers called in Tim Gunn to open a very dignified and elegant can of whoop-a$$ and break the dramatic news, "Keith, you're fired." Oh wait, that's a different show...


Keith packed up his things that same evening and dramatically declared to the world, "My image has been tarnished forever. I'm off the show and I'm going to be a laughingstock to my friends."

But we all know that Hollywood loves a sinner, and you don't need to worry too much about Keith. To see what Keith is up to post-Runway, check out his new look...

and his new women's collection here.

Even more fun than exposing lying, cheating Keith, it was truly heartwarming to see the love-fest that's circling around Angela.

Witness Jeffrey, who very subtly clued us in on his feelings with this gem...

"Almost more than having to make something I don't like, I really hate having to make something for someone I don't like." But how do you really feel about her, Jeffrey?

And Uli, who apparently doesn't want to be roomies...

And Michael, who ended up working on Angela's winning design team...

"When Angela picked me as a teammate, I was kinda like, 'Awww.... daaaaaaymn!" (For those of you who can't quite interpret the tone of that quote, trust me when I say he was conveying a distinct sense of disappointment.)

And Laura who, even while trying to pay Angela a compliment, busted out with this zinger...

"It was more appropriate for this particular challenge than the full-tilt-boogie-Angela-quilted extravaganza of puff." Even her insults sound uptown.

And just because I can't bear to leave these two out, I want to reassure you that Vincent and Bradley are still complete nut-jobs.

Vincent: "Grey is very important. I hear it's going to take the place of brown."

Bradley: "I'm a fish out of water! I'm a squid with no ocean! I'm an eagle with no sky!"

We expect their alien spacecrafts will return for them in the next few episodes.

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