The promos for last week's Project Runway hinted at the appearance of two special guests, then cut to Laura saying, “I can’t exhaust myself trying to design for the Olsen twins.” But at a bubbly-infused gathering at the Pink Elephant club, Heidi revealed that the special guests were not, in fact, Mary-Kate and Ashley, but none other than Angela and Vincent, returning for a chance to win—and to annoy their fellow designers.

Heidi explained that “We decided to give everyone who won a challenge a second chance," and at the end of the show, three designers would be out. Though Angela looked confused, Vince was, to say the least, quite thrilled, and that was before he even touched a glass of champagne.

This week's challenge: Designing a cocktail ensemble using only black and white fabrics, which sounded pretty damn dull, until you heard the twist. To find out what it was,

Once the designers finished sketching, the twist was revealed: They would have to use every bit of fabric they bought, even the scraps. The contestants also had their own demons to work with: After last week's reaming, Laura was trying like mad to create something youthful...

...while Michael tried to keep Kayne from designing an outfit more fit for a "working girl"—that is, a lady who works nights, if you know what I mean. Tim also warned Kayne that his dress was lacking white, until Kayne pointed out the hideous trim he'd chosen straight out of a 1980s roller-rink.

Tim's response? Simply: "Oh, Jesus." He sounded truly horrified.

All of the designers found various ways to use their scraps. Vincent made the world's largest shawl, Uli made a necklace that could kill someone, and Angela got called out — oops! — for stuffing hers into a store-bought purse.

As Nina Garcia pointed out, "It's a frame bag. You don’t really need to stuff this.”

Angela's retort? “Oh.”

In a fitting conclusion, Angela and Vincent both got kicked off the runway for a second time, while Laura won with a stunning dress that expertly incorporated her fabric scraps—though it still wasn't exactly screaming "20-something."

And though Kayne managed to avoid the working-girl look, he still failed to win over the judges with this bizarre lace-back afterthought, making him the week's third casualty.

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