Did you know that last Wednesday was Mother's Day? At least, on Project Runway it was. Last week's challenge showcased the designers' moms (and a couple of sisters) to create a runway show for the "everyday woman."

In the spirit of the show, Laura even agreed to pop out baby No. 6. "I don't think anybody's really ready for their sixth child, but five, six, seven, it doesn't make that big of a difference. I'll just throw it on the pile with the other ones..."

The producers have promised her a spot in the final three if she lets America call in to name the baby. Doesn't Laura's mom look thrilled?

And can you guess whose mom this is?

To find out the answer,


Why, it's Michael Kors's mom, of course! Doesn't she look exactly like Michael in drag? Joan Kors filled in as this week's celebrity judge.

In other news, I'm pretty sure Jeffrey is is going to hell. Perhaps, like me, you suspected as much all along, but he sealed the deal last week when he spent the entire show flaming Angela's poor little Red Cross volunteering mom.

Strike one? The initial lottery to match designers with moms. The nicest thing Jeffrey had to say about it was, "I ended up with Angela's mom because, I think, God got drunk today." So you know it didn't start well.

Strike two. Jeffrey makes Angela's mom cry.
Mom: "It's just not what I expected. Why am I being treated like this?"
Jeffrey: "I don't appreciate you even STANDING here."
Mom: "Do you talk to everybody like this?"
Jeffrey: "How am I treating you? You explain to me how I'm treating you!"

Strike three. Jeffrey calls Angela's mom a "crazy bitch" on national television.

Mom: "I'm really upset... There's so much hate in his voice!"

As the drama unfolded, Jeffrey's mom continued on what was clearly a very long career of enabling Jeff's bad behavior. "Jeffrey can get very emotional, especially when it comes to his stuff... he's just under a lot of stress... this means a lot to him... hopefully everything will be better tomorrow..."

You KNOW she's given that speech about a thousand times before: to his seventh grade math teacher, the neighbor kid's mom, his parole officer...

To top it all off, all of that posturing resulted in this mess of an outfit:

As Michael Kors described it, it looks like "Commes des Garcon goes to the Amish country."

In brighter news, Vincent actually had a startling moment of lucidity:

Wait, you want the designers to make clothes that regular women will wear? What???

Perhaps as a reward for his show of sensitivity, Vincent won with this somewhat ill-fitting black and tan dress for Uli's mom.

In my opinion, Michael's reversible shirt dress was a better design...

But to be fair, he also lucked out with Robert's sister, the youngest, thinnest model on the runway.

And in a loss we all knew was inevitable, Robert finally went home after sending this hideous red and black rayon tent down the runway.

Goodbye, Robert! I'm sure Barbie will be happy to have you back at home with her. I'm not sure how Kayne is going to manage, though.

To catch more of the drama, stay tuned for a new episode of Project Runway tonight at 10pm!