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Project Runway Wrap-Up: Finale, Part I

Project Runway started winning me back with last week's episode, which presented part one of the two-part finale. Sure, it was plodding and somewhat anti-climatic, dragging out a sparse amount of action over an hour's worth of programming. But it also featured priceless scenes of Tim Gunn visiting each contestant's home—and being confronted by Laura's son with turtle poop. His very logical response, in classic Gunn dialect:

"Eww! I don’t think I want any turtle poop! I draw the line at turtle poop.”

But on Tim's whirlwind tour, it was really Uli who won me over. As she and Tim chatted on the beach—with Tim, by the way, not wearing jeans—we learned that Uli grew up in East Germany and realized her dream of moving to Florida after watching Miami Vice on TV.

How cute! I almost want her to win now, just because I like her so much. Plus, Michael's collection, sadly, isn't looking so hot. For the rest of the gory details,

After visiting Uli, Tim stopped over at Jeffrey's. Though seeing him interact with his cherubic kid and talk about overcoming addiction should make me like him more, for some reason he's just getting under my skin.

Not surprisingly, he's also getting under Laura's. Before all of the contestants reunited in New York, the stylish supermom declared: "I really wanna win. If not for any other reason, just so that Jeffrey doesn't win."
Should that make us suspicious about what happens next? That's right: It's the much-anticipating sewing scandal! After seeing Jeffrey's very finished collection—a pretty damn cool lineup inspired by Japanese ghost stories—Laura begins to wonder whether he might have had some sewing help: "You just don’t pull craftsmanship like that out of your ass.”

It's hard to know if he did or not, and Laura certainly has reasons to be suspicious. On the other hand, she might just be a little irritable after sewing on all those damn beads.

Michael, meanwhile, has created a sequin-heavy collection that, in my opinion, doesn't seem up to his usual stylish standards. In his words, "“whoo ooh, it’s nasty,” but Tim, thinks it might have a bit too much bling. And yes, he said "bling."

The cool part is that at this point, it's any body's game. Michael could choke under the pressure, Jeffrey could get in trouble, and Uli's safari look could bore the judges. But whatever happens, there are bound to be some more barbs traded between Jeffrey and Laura. Tune it tonight to see the outcome on the season finale of Project Runway at 10 P.M. on Bravo.


fashionistanyc fashionistanyc 11 years
I like Laura and Michael best, but I agree, I was totally underwhelmed by Michael's collection. I think Uli will win, but I'd love it if Laura did.
hotstuff hotstuff 11 years
true Uli makes the same dress over and over.
ladylove ladylove 11 years
Uli was one dimensional, and I don't think it's fair, that they didn't get on her harder because of that. I think Laura will win, even though I'm pulling for Michael.
ItsJustMe ItsJustMe 11 years
They have already debuted their collections and I am sure if you want to see pics of them, you can find them somewhere. I think Michael deserves to win. He has not failed at any of the tasks they threw at him and none of the others can say that. Michael also makes things that normal people would wear, unlike some of the others.
ShoeS ShoeS 11 years
Uli will win. I did like Michael a lot but after seeing his collection he just didn't do his best and Laura was boring. So Uli will win!
hotstuff hotstuff 11 years
I want Michael Knight to win, he's an awesome guy and great designer!
hotstuff hotstuff 11 years
Look at him holding that turtle poop, too funny!
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