I have just one thing to say to Project Runway: Part one of the finale, which airs tonight on Bravo, had better be damn good. Because frankly, after last week's lackluster reunion special and the previous week's lame twist, I'm getting a little bored.

The highlight of the reunion had to be the return of dreamy Keith, who was kicked off for having design books. When asked if his dismissal was fair, he presented a very reasonable explanation, saying that nowhere in the contract did it say that the designers couldn't bring books.

He destroyed his credibility once again a few minutes later, however, by making it sound like a set-up: "They were taken away from me when I got here. They were then returned a week later to my room."

Whatever, Keith. That excuse is as weak as a fainting runway model.

Which brings me to another revelation of the PR reunion special: Apparently, models are just fainting left and right! I was making fun of Jeffrey for holding his model's hand last week, but turns out, that was only because she was about to tumble to the ground.

For other lessons from the reunion special,

The reunion special also answered some pressing questions: For instance, we learned that Laura does not own a single pair of jeans, but Tim Gunn does. We were also treated to a fabulous highlight reel of Tim-isms, including the time he told Jeffrey "the whole thing looks like faux bois," which apparently means "fake wood."

Though the Tim clips were the best, other designers got their own catch-phrase tributes, including Laura, who cleverly coined the phrase "serious ugly," and Vincent, who, of course, is turned on by everything.

He also apparently really flipped out when the Project Runway people ruined his clothes in the wash. This never-before-seen clip really showed another even crazier side of Vincent. I know he's a clotheshorse and all, but would you mess with a man in a Danzig shirt?

We also got a really dull rehashing of the Angela's mom incident, which no one there could even really muster the energy to care about.

Like I said, let's hope the competition starts to heat up again, and fast. Catch the new episode of Project Runway tonight at 10 P.M. on Bravo.