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Project Runway Wrap-Up: What the Elle?

We waited patiently for two long weeks for the next installment of Project Runway. And, having seen the photos from New York Fashion Week, I was anxiously wondering what sort of crazy, unexpected plot twist could have possibly landed four finalists—not three, as planned—on the Bryant Park runways. So last Wednesday, I tuned in, on the edge of my couch, ready with baited breath to see the wild season shocker! How, oh how, could all four make it to the finals?

Oh, no reason, really. They all just deserved it.

I'm sorry, Project Runway, but that has got to be one of the lamest turns of events in reality show history. This is a contest! Since when do Heidi and Nina Garcia do things just to be nice?! In this case, I have to side with Jeffrey. To see why,

I think Jeffrey said it best when he said:

Anyway, onto the wrap-up. The episode began at the offices of Elle magazine, where Nina Garcia explained how much fashion editors value a designer's ability to express his or her point of view. For that reason, this week's challenge threw out the strictures and guidelines of episodes past, asking each designer simply to create an outfit that best conveyed his or her personality as designer. Each contestant would then choose three words to describe what their looks were all about, and the winner would be featured on Elle magazine's First Look Page.

After so many weeks of rules, the designers just weren't sure how to handle the freedom. As Uli groaned, "I got so used to having guidelines." She dealt with the issue by letting Jeffrey model her dress.

Michael, too, had a serious case of designer's block, admitting, humble as ever, “I’m just stumped. I definitely was having a major brain freeze.” Finally, he comes up with an idea for a plum-colored evening gown, to be constructed out of meticulously woven strips.

Tim pays a visit to Jeffrey, praising his red, white, and blue frock as "really unexpected." To Uli, on the other hand, he admonishes: "Don't. Bore. Nina," prompting Uli to tear up her entire design and start all over. She then leads us into commercial with typical Uli charm: “Coming up, Uli doesn’t finish her dress but watch what happens on Project Runway.”

The designers then learn that they will have six fewer hours to finish their projects, and they'll have to spend the time instead photographing their models on location. They'll then choose the magical three words based on the photos.

For his image, Michael settles on "sexiness, sensuality, sultry," adding "I even made a white girl look like she had some ass." But Uli—who blatantly snatched away Michael's favorite model—has another opinion: "To me, it looks like one of these ads in a magazine, you know, 'I'm alone at home, please call me at 1-800...whatever.'

The contestants are judged by the usual suspects, as well as by the fashion writer for the Wall Street Journal. (You know that Laura must be thrilled by this!) Jeffrey’s dress is actually really cool and looks like it would be right at home in the Anthropologie catalog. That is, except for the unfinished look and uneven hem.

Laura's is pretty and well-made, as usual, but also her usual. As Michael Kors points out, cocktail and evening is okay, but "you’ve got to broaden what that means."

As Kors demeans Jeffrey's dress as "a little too pretty," Jeff attempts to show his sensitive side by holding his model's hand. No, seriously, he really did that.

In the end, Uli wins the challenge with a dress that's only slightly different than her other designs. But I have to agree that it was the best and, aside from Laura's, the most polished and well-made.

But, alas: No one gets eliminated. According to the judges, they are all just too different! It's just too difficult to choose! All I have to say is, they'd better shape up and pick a winner at the end. We'll have to wait another week to see the outcome though: Tune in tonight for a special reunion episode of Project Runway.


mels mels 11 years
Keith was the cheater, and he was good. I think he would've made it to the final three--I mean four! Sounds like he is going to argue about his elimination on reunion show. And Malan is SO weird. Creepy actually. I know it was a cop-out to let all four go to fashion week, but I secretly loved it. They really are so different, and I'm anxious to see what they do.
peepshow peepshow 11 years
Speaking of that, I can't wait to see Malan (is that even his name? What is wrong with me today?) again... what a weird kid! I love it though. I hope someone says something funny or witty, so he laughs his creepy little laugh.
AtlantaNoleGirl AtlantaNoleGirl 11 years
Yeah, I thought that guy that cheated was really good... I forget his name too. I would have pegged him for finals. I wish we had seen what he could do. Maybe he'll re-audition next season, like so many of them seem to.
peepshow peepshow 11 years
I'm excited for tonight's reunion, since ol' cheater boy is on there. What's his name? David? Anyway, I would have liked to see him last longer... he was one of my favorites.
AtlantaNoleGirl AtlantaNoleGirl 11 years
I'm excited about the reunion... but I agree it was a letdown last week when no one got eliminated... I actually fell asleep during the judging, woke up 10 minutes after it was over, called my sister in a panic to see what the reason was, and she told me that there was none!
yayita yayita 11 years
GGGGGOooooooooooo michael!!!!!!!!!!!
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