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The Quest For The Perfect Flat Iron

Besides mascara, the other thing I am constantly searching for is the best flat iron for my hair. I probably have about four that I have replaced for various reasons. I did a little research and of course, wanted to share with you.

According to my research, one of the best and safest flat irons for your hair is the Sedu Ionic Ceramic Flat Iron. Although it's pretty costly (Around $125.00), it smooths any type of hair, leaves no frizz and if blow dried straight first, this iron gives hair a shiny, perfect finish!

To read some tips on what to look for in the perfect flat iron

The most important element to look for when buying a flat iron is that it's ceramic. The older versions are made from metal which are rougher and result in more breakage. But don't let any of these advertisements fool you. No iron is 100% safe for your hair. The amount of heat that is generated by any styling tool is potentially damaging. If you buy one with teeth on it, make sure the teeth are aiming downward and that your hair is completely dry when you begin. If wet, the steam will directly enter your hair shaft and could erupt causing severe breakage. Lastly, always keep the iron moving on your hair. When you are finished, rub a peanut-sized amount of Kerastase's Lumiere Nutri-Sculpt between your fingertips until the consistency is slippery. Then rub it into your hair where the fly always are. It works like a charm and the little bottle should last you over a year!

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Join The Conversation
Delish Delish 10 years
My favorite hair straightener is the Maxiglide by Maximus! :)
kixstr8up kixstr8up 10 years
I have the infrashine flat iron as well, LOVE it!
snowflake snowflake 10 years
I just go stand in my back yard for about 5 minutes, the humidity here in Florida does the trick!
MissRobinson MissRobinson 10 years
When I want really straight hair... I use my Iron. Does any one else do that??
prissychrissy prissychrissy 10 years
My CHI is a lifesaver, I think mine was around $130, but considering I had cheaper ones that had to be replaced time after time. ♥
My-Opinion My-Opinion 10 years
I'm laughing at myself cause i don't even know what kind I have, but it was expensive and it works really good....I got it from 'sally's..
Starbrite Starbrite 10 years
I have an infrashine flat iron that I love, but there is just always that one wave I can't get out.
snowflake snowflake 10 years
I am getting used to the stright hair look, but when it is wet, it has a curl from very old perms. I have really done some damage to my hair tissing it a mile hige back in the 80's, but have layed off the hairspray for the past 5 years now. I need to cut off about 5 inchs. (of damage)
FB1977 FB1977 10 years
I bought a Paul Mitchell smoothing iron that seems to work well...but it's impossible for me to get the back of my hair. Grr and I so like the straight look on me.
snowflake snowflake 10 years
Thats cool JennaV, I always listen to my moms logic. I have done her hair on rainy days and her color was not right. I think thats why I believe the theory.(LOL) I have done her hair on totally suuny days and her hair turned out perfect.(haha)
ann_fancy ann_fancy 10 years
Sorry,what's frost ? Englsih isn,t my first language
JennaV JennaV 10 years
Snowflake....I would def have a professional do highlights. I have gotten highlights on sunny days, rainy days and in between days and it always looks good.
snowflake snowflake 10 years
My mom swears that when you color or frost your hair and it is raining outside, the color will not take right. She insist I frost her hair when it it totally sunny all day. Does that make any sience?
snowflake snowflake 10 years
I think the humidity in Florida has alot to do with it. Great advise , thank you.
ann_fancy ann_fancy 10 years
I'd say just put volumizing mousse, and blow dry with a round brush at a low temperature. I'm not an expert, it's a guess
snowflake snowflake 10 years
It's long blond hair but very thin, I can get a perm and it will last a week. If I use a curling iron, the curl stay for like 30 minutes.. I think it fries my hair.
ann_fancy ann_fancy 10 years
How's your hair snowflake? cause you can use a round brish and a blowdryer
snowflake snowflake 10 years
I can't use a iron at all on my hair, is there any other alternatives?
ann_fancy ann_fancy 10 years
Mine is a Chi and its fast ans soft as heaven
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