If you've ever wondered what really goes on behind the doors at Vogue, your curiosity can soon be quenched. After eight months of open access to Anna Wintour and her team, film director R.J. Cutler will debut his chronicle, The September Issue, this weekend at the Sundance Film Festival. “My observation with the creativity in the hallways and offices is that Vogue is like the mist. You don’t think it’s raining and all of a sudden you’re soaking wet,” Cutler said.

The movie centers around the creation of Vogue's biggest issue — September 2007 — which Cutler credits as Wintour's idea. Cutler also follows Wintour's personal relationships with her late father Charles Wintour and daughter Bee Shaffer. Guest appearances include Thakoon Panichgul, Oscar de la Renta, and Karl Lagerfeld.

To hear the director talk about the film and to see a juicy snippet,

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