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Countdown to the Zoe Show: "I Probably Have a Bit Too Much of Everything"

Whether you love her, hate her, or aren't sure yet, it's soon to be judgment day for celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe when her docudrama premieres Tuesday, Sept. 9. We're kind of loving her and all her Zoe-isms ("bananas") and fashion advice she's given us via our countdown to The Rachel Zoe Project. One thing's for certain: this woman lives a fabulous life. Here's more of it . . .

How many pairs of shoes does Zoe have?

"I haven’t done a count in awhile, but I probably have a bit too much of everything. And that’s not in a sort of extravagant sense as much as it’s from a standpoint of, my rationale is being a collector of things. My vintage collection, and things like that, those are things I can’t ever part with and therefore, it just keeps growing. Instead of getting rid of things and then replacing them, I just keep adding. I am a shopper. I am a collector and I am a shopper, and I can’t really make an excuse for it other than that it’s my art and it’s what I do. And it’s something that in the back of my mind I hope someday my daughter will benefit from, you know what I mean?"

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Confessions of a shopaholic:

"I don’t really ever shop with intention, if that makes any sense. I’m never really out looking for a specific thing. And Lord knows I have enough in my closet to probably wardrobe me for several seasons of television. I think how we all dressed in the show was really how we all dress in our day-to-day life. It’s sort of about fashion meets function because we work on our hands and knees all day. It’s trying to look decent and still be comfortable because when we get dressed at 7 a.m., we’re in those clothes for 20 hours in a day."

Zoe on '80s style:

"The '80s is a huge trend right now, it did come down the runways a lot. Is it something that I’m a huge advocate of? Not necessarily. I think it works on certain people. It doesn’t work on me personally. For certain people, I think it’s fantastic. But I think it’s about not getting too literal into the '80s. If it means a sharp shoulder and a cropped leather jacket, and a spiked heel and a skinny pant or a leather legging, then I think that’s great. But I think little bits at a time."

See you at Fashion Week:

"I will be attending parties. I will definitely be at many fashion shows. I will also be promoting the show during Fashion Week, so it’ll be juggling that. I love to support my friends when I’m in New York and I would never miss Marc Jacobs. I would never miss Oscar de la Renta, Diane von Furstenberg, Zac Posen, Peter Som — all of them. Rodarte, of course. It’s always fantastic."


Join The Conversation
phoebeandgraeme phoebeandgraeme 8 years
She is totally weird and flaky....I think she dresses her clients like homeless people....where is the style Rachel?
Glittersniffer Glittersniffer 8 years
It was indeed a preview. I was fooled too! I can sympathize with her reluctance to part with anything vintage...those are the pieces you won't be able to just run out and replace when you regret giving them up. I'd rather regret the loss of closet space than regret the loss of something fabulous, especially when it has a story to tell.
Lysa1237 Lysa1237 8 years
Wait, I thought she had a show on bravo already? or was that a preview? I know I watched a show about her.... :P
PinkySugar PinkySugar 8 years
Love her and can't wait for the show!
aabbatelli aabbatelli 8 years
I was just thinking how excited I am for it. For some reason though, I have a feeling she will irritate the s*** out of me;)
lizzylu49 lizzylu49 8 years
This show is going to be gooood.
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