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Rachel Zoe Dishes on Her New Show, The Rachel Zoe Project

Countdown to the Zoe Show: "My Priority Is Always Going to Be My Job"

I hope you've enjoyed the countdown to The Rachel Zoe Project. And I hope you'll tune in to the premiere of the show Tuesday, Sept. 9. I'm going to be in the midst of Fashion Week, but I'll try to keep my eyes open for it. We'll have to reconvene and chat all about it. In the meantime, Zoe shares more . . .

What The Rachel Zoe Project is really about:

"You’re really going to see a lot of what it is that I do, what it is that being a stylist really means — at least for me in my world. Everybody is going to see how much work and how much time and effort goes into everything that we do. You’re going to get bits of certain clients. You’re going to get a lot of designers, a lot of the biggest designers in the fashion world. And you’re really going to get that drama that plays out through award season and Fashion Week, and a lot of the dynamics that exist between myself and my team that works with me.

My priority is always going to be my job. I’ve had nine fittings in the last 48 hours, and that’s not going to change. I’m doing a show and that is what it is and I’m proud of it. I’m never going to let the attention shift too much towards me to take away from what it is that I do."

To hear Zoe really open up about her fashion faux pas and jetset style,


Opening up:

"I’ve run out of excuses not to do this, and I say in the show, it’s a bit of my mantra about my life and my job — I’m much more scared not to try than I am to fail. There’s always hesitation when you’re opening yourself up like that. As you very well know, the press has not always been kind to me. So I said OK, well what do I have to lose at this point?"

Not a fan:

"I’m not a huge advocate of cleavage. Midriffs, no more showing midriffs unless you’re on the beach. Too much. I think better left to the imagination.

When hair and makeup doesn’t work with the dress is number one. Sometimes young girls look older than they should and sometimes older women look younger than they should. Age appropriate dressing."

Jetset style:

"I think you should always look super when you’re traveling. Probably an incredible coat, one to the knee. And then one that’s more kind of cropped like to the hip, one that’s a little more casual. I would say incredible boots. For the Fall it’s all about your boot — an ankle boot and a knee high boot. Clearly a platform; super high pump that you can wear with everything all the time. Your perfect bag that you can take day to night and not too big but maybe a midsize. Travel gear is very important. And of course, big, big fabulous sunglasses."


raieven raieven 9 years
i don't have cable so i'll have to catch this on youtube
Glittersniffer Glittersniffer 9 years
I scored my to-the-knee coat recently, and I can't wait til the weather gets cool enough to make use of it :) It's the Boulevard by North Face...I'm going to take the fuzzy collar cover off, of course, but it's all the flattering lines of a slightly flared tailored peacoat with all the warmth and waterproof-ness from North Face. WIN.
cnyc1a cnyc1a 9 years
I can honestly say Rachel Zoe is so nice. She might come across as weird on TV but she's not. I used to work for Marc Jacobs in NYC and she would come into my shop all the time and was such a delight to work with. Always calm, focused, and excited. I wish one day the universe would allow me to work for her. I feel like her first assistant is a hard worker but the second assistant ( The boy) doesn't deserve to be there. ( well I'm sure he does I'm just jealous)
huffv1 huffv1 9 years
opulent. i'm enjoying seeing her side after so much media nonsense. she is severe in her field. worthy of attention.
Ikandy Ikandy 9 years
i'll b watching!
Rachel Zoe Wants You to Live Your Best Life Through Fashion
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