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The 15 Biggest Reasons Summer Couldn't End Soon Enough

Sep 23 2014 - 9:20am

Summer's officially over, but in our minds, the chapter had long closed on another stylish season weeks ago. Which was more than OK by us, because with every end comes a new beginning, and there's no beginning more exciting than Fall.

Sure, we could point to the slouchy, cool-girl runways [1] or the ridiculously chic styles that the stars have already debuted on the red carpet [2], but let's be real — there are 15 legitimate reasons why dressing for this season is awesome.

Source: Touchstone Pictures [3], Front Page Image Source: Shutterstock [4]

There's No Need to Shave Your Legs as Often

Bikini Diets Are Out the Window

You Can Wear Silk Blouses Again

One Word: Layering

Sweaters Bring Us Such Joy

. . . Like Unbelievable Levels of Happiness

We're Right There With You, Adam Levine

Chipped Pedicures Are Less Noticeable in Closed-Toe Shoes

You Don't Have to Worry About a Chilly Office



Bye-Bye, Brights

Sayonara, Pastels

See Ya Next Year, Crop Tops

And Lastly, Fall's Just Another Excuse to Shop

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