This weekend, having gone to Nolita to celebrate one of the last Mayle sample sales, we found ourselves gloomy about the state of the contemporary brand and the expense of a simple silk dress. We walked over to our friend's pop-up thereafter, not really knowing much about its permanence or scope. When we got to talking we realized that their new store, Inven.tory, is neither a pop-up nor a sample sale frenzy. Inven.tory, we discovered, is a permanent shopping destination that sells contemporary brands at wholesale prices. The items are, in fact, overstock, but are edited and curated, like any other boutique, to tell a story. On our first visit we found brands like Corpus and Orthodox at prices that made our jaws drop (sixty dollars?!). The store has both women's and men's clothing, and both had us drooling--especially, for the ladies, did Secta's brushed cotton separates. There was no 'sifting', there were no 'mass dressing rooms'. When we left we felt happy for our friends, who we are sure will profit from this well-timed idea, for the contemporary brands who can maintain integrity when selling off extras, and for ourselves because, well, we're growing tired of supporting brands whose 'contemporary' clothing is still five hundred dollars at a sample sale.

Photo via Thrillist.