>> In the past year, Roberto Cavalli has commissioned a one bedroom home on his existing 32-acre estate in the Florentine countryside of Italy, fanning rumors that he and his business partner and second wife, Eva, of 28 years have split.  Their business partnership seems to continue — they took a bow at the end of the Cavalli menswear show together on June 22 — and she still lives in his previous home with the parrots and the indoor pool, just steps away, but when JJ Martin of T Magazine asked him if he ever goes into his old house: 

He decisively responds, "No, no, no." Does Eva mind his absence? "I don't know," he answers quietly. "You'll have to ask her." So this is a way to live together but apart, I suggest. "Right," he says. "Is that bad?"

His cat, "Pussy," keeps him company »

Cavalli calls his newly-finished bachelor pad, of which T has pictures, "A personal space, a place to work and do my things." There's a helipad next door, a DJ station, a custom-made bed with stuffed animals atop, and a switch Cavalli can flip to change the one bedroom house's glass balconies and facade from pink to green. 

But don't let looks deceive; lately, Cavalli says, he feels like partying has started "to feel like a job. Today, I'm trying to find other values . . . I'm quite solitary at the moment. People like to see me as this big party guy. If I say I'm here alone, they don't like it." 

In reality, he's not totally alone: He keeps a miniature monkey in a "King Kong size cage," Martin writes: "'Stay away from the monkey — he's bad with women!' [Cavalli] warns as he plants a big bacio on the furry animal's mouth."  And there's Pussy, the fluffy Persian cat, who Cavalli calls "the real lady of the house."