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Rodarte's New Fantasy Film Stars Elijah Wood

A Minute-by-Minute Guide to Rodarte's Unicorn-Filled New Film With Elijah Wood

As a brand, Rodarte has tied itself to some fairly experimental film projects (Black Swan, the short where Elle Fanning gets absorbed into a ball of light, what have you), but the latest video might just be the most pleasantly and eerily weird thing we've seen all Summer.

The 13-minute short, called This Must Be The Only Fantasy, was created in collaboration with The Creators Project and directed by photographer Todd Cole. In it, a young woman, played by model Sidney Williams, goes on a journey to find a man who should be playing board games with her and a group of mutual friends, and along the way she encounters a threatening horseman, a unicorn, and a fairy godmother played by model Guinevere van Seenus.

To put it mildly, there are layers to this film. Below, take a look at the video and tell us if you experienced the same wide range of emotions we did when Elijah Wood pops up on the screen.

1:03: The 42-minute song Mr. Long Hair is talking about is Dream Theater's "Six Degress of Inner Turbulence" and it's pretty awesome, if memory serves. We feel like this is foreshadowing.

2:17: If we got a new outfit from Rodarte every time an aggressive horse whinnied at us from a distance, we'd spend a lot more time on the ranch, that's for sure.


3:10: If there were really unicorns roaming around Encino, would people be this receptive to them sleeping in their children's sandboxes?

3:26 — 3:31: Oh this is a good dress for you. Cute shoes, too.

4:11: Don't stop and talk to these grungy looking townies. You and that ear cuff are far too cute to abandon your epic quest to find whoever you're trying to find right now.

5:27 — 6:34: Well if you won't listen to us, we're glad you'll listen to Guinevere. Also how great does Guinevere look right now?

7:14: Sword fight! Also another new outfit!

9:02: We're not entirely sure what's going on with Elijah Wood right now.

9:27 — 10:49: "We need you," she says. "You've got to keep playing." And then Wood's character puts that pretty crown on her head, and she becomes a queen of some sort, almost like she's winning a real-life video game.

Wait is that what this is was? Was she living one big fantasy role-playing game complete with tasks and levels and bosses to beat? And did she win? If that's the case, consider our minds blown.

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