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Roland Mouret Helps Victoria Beckham on DVB Dress Collection

Fab Flash: Victoria Beckham and Roland Mouret in Cahoots

It's safe to say Victoria Beckham's dress collection is a hit. In fact, her collection has already sold out in London. But, did you know that designer Roland Mouret had a hand in her sensational success? According to sources, a spokesperson for Beckham disclosed that Mouret assisted her through the whole experience — just how much is to be debated.

"Roland set Victoria up with his pattern cutter and also introduced her to his fabric suppliers," said a Beckham spokesperson. "There is no secret Roland has helped Victoria set up various aspects of her atelier in London."

An insider states: "It's been a bit of a joke as to how much Roland has been involved. The similarities between the dresses are undeniable." Meanwhile, Beckham's representatives insist that Mouret "had absolutely nothing to do with the creative process." There is a slight resemblance between Beckham's designs and Mouret's, but enough to differentiate the two. What do you think?


lilflowa lilflowa 8 years
People just hate to give her credit where credit is due. Simple. I love how they always create qoutes from "insiders" and "sources" or "a close friend said". Total BS If these dresses were not succesful no one would have problem saying they are her own with inspiration from Roland. However, the line is an immediate success and the instant negative reaction is well Roland obvioulsy designed them all Victoria simple put her name to it. Its so pathetic n laughable. oh and HUGELY predicatble lmao. Regardless of all the speculation her line has been a HUGE success! Congrats girl! keep doing your thing! Cant hold her down.
sallycinnamon sallycinnamon 8 years
If you want to look exactly like Posh, buy these dresses. They're nothing special
Susanna Susanna 8 years
Posh clearly had someone helping her, since she has no experience draping, cutting, etc. herself. Does it matter who? She's acknowledged she loves Mouret's designs, and he evidently doesn't have a problem with the situation, since he hasn't said anything.
Kkkkkkkkkkk Kkkkkkkkkkk 8 years
d22, she has gone for a style she discovered she loved when she started wearing Roland Mouret dresses. The influence here is absolutely undeniable, it was the first thing I noticed about her dresses! This makes so much sense, and I have a feeling he's been paid very well to be heavily involved in the creative process and keep schtum about it. After all, he has lost the rights to design under his own name so until he reestablishes himself he has to get work somewhere.
nourhayaty nourhayaty 8 years
wow is that really her design bravo!!!!!!!i love the dress very elegant good work
d22ghj d22ghj 8 years
You have to remember that the "insider" quote was taken from the Daily Mail, a notoriously negative tabloid that holds a vendetta against Victoria for years now. Roland Mouret did NOT invent pencil skirts and a-line designs!! She has gone for a style she loves, Mouret is a friend and helped her set up her atelier. No designer would give up credit for something for someone else. The dVb dresses are not clones of Mouret's previous lines.
Style-Bandit Style-Bandit 8 years
WOW! You can definitely see Roland Mouret's influence. Really it looks just like one of his designs. What is the price-point for these looks?
bowwowza bowwowza 8 years
this dress reminds me of a straight jacket. if you like to walk around looking like you have a stick up your ass, this is the dress for you.
aimeeb aimeeb 8 years
I love the dress!!
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